MOMS = Mirror Of My Soul

God laid this message upon my heart some time ago.  I often feel like Jonah because I do not heed His calling and run to do His will.  I am a baby to blogging and hadn’t a clue where to start but all the information was provided and here I go.  My title above refers to the depth God wants to reveal and what he has revealed to me in the past few months.  I started with the acronym MOMS (Mirror Of My Soul)  but have referred to the “power of Google” to make sure I am not infringing on any copyrights.  I found a beautiful poem created and copyrighted by Kristine Marie and a book Mirror Of My Soul on by Joey W. Hill IV of the Desire series that was copyrighted in 2006.  So in an effort not to infringe, I am keeping with the entire title line to promote honesty and goodwill.

As a mother, I was challenged by the attitudes of my children and the desire of my heart to care for and protect them.  My mother recently went to be with Jesus and I felt the throb of loss.  God revealed to me the difficulties a mother faces in wanting the best for their children just as He does but not being able to make their choices for them.  I ached over the consequences my children faced because of their choices and realize my mother did the same for me.  Yet God gave victory and glorified His name from my mistakes and He will do the same for them if I only trust Him.

How hard we seem to find the ability to place blind faith in decisions of others including God.  I have seen inside myself and found it mirrored in my children and I surmise it will be mirrored in their children.


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