Healthy on a mums budget 

Some great insight here.


Recently my wonderful hubby and I did a budget overhaul! Unfortunately we have had to pull back on a lot our spending. This made me have a mild freak out and I fell back into my old thinking of ‘I can only be healthy if I’m rich!’

This is very dangerous and very untrue thinking! But it did make me start thinking about different ways I can still keep my healthy lifestyle while keeping to our family budget. So I have come up with 11 ways to keep a healthy lifestyle on a tight budget.

1. Shop in season!

It doesn’t hurt to google what foods are in season before you go to the shops so you know what your looking for! Click Herefor a very helpful website.

2. Make simple swaps!

Once you decide to live a healthier lifestyle you don’t need to go crazy at the shops…

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