Addicts and addictions

Overwhelming desiresDSCN0737

How many do we have?   Coffee?  tobacco?  gambling?  sex or other endorphins? drama?    If we feel we need to hide it or causes us to be defensive, then its probably something that we need help with.  Breathing never feels wrong.  Truly loving or caring for someone doesn’t feel wrong.  Even if that love is not returned, it still feels good at the core.

I am so blessed that God has revealed that Jesus Christ made this love available to me.  All things are possible for me to enjoy but not all are beneficial.  If I really make Him my Lord, I can give Him whatever causes me problems.  Heartaches, addictions, other desires such as greed, bitterness, impatience.

His gifts are so beautiful and bountiful but are often overlooked because of our expectations.  Our eyes are set on the problems not the solutions.  Peter stepped out onto the water but lost site of his goal when he looked down.  Just like any good coach, Jesus said,” LOOK UP” you CAN DO IT!

I say the same.  Have courage, you are loved, LOOK UP.



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