Let there be Light….

Talk, talk, talk, blah, blah, blah.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the media that I  receive every day.  I enjoy the blogs I follow but there is SO MUCH to read, watch, enjoy, endure, etc…

To cut to the truth of it all and distill it down to a manageable portion, is a two step task that is time consuming in itself.  My recent favorite song states, “if we’re honest….”  and I can truly ‘see’ so much better with lots of light.

The dawn is precious.20150415_070712DSCN0748

Its tendrils of beauty stretch across the sky bringing hope and joy to millions.  On vacation, we often rise early just to see it and experience the wonder that is before us daily.

I have to admit to anyone that I love sunshine.  I have a much harder time with depression and its misery when clouds cover the skies for very long.

Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize the clouds in our minds and in our lives.  We look down and not up for our strength and hope.  Yesterday was Easter, I quizzed my grandchildren on what it was about and found that they did not have a clear vision of the sacrifice Jesus made for us in allowing himself as a sacrifice for God’s glory and a deliverance to us for sin.  I live in joy because HE lives today.  I may forget momentarily but if I look up, I can clearly see the LIGHT that God provides for me and faith that He is working ALL things to my good despite the cruelty, pain, anguish, and injustice that I view.  Perspective is indeed EVERYTHING!  20150327_102201

My prayer today is that all who read this, including myself, wade into the pool of God’s grace and sit for a while to remember that He sees ALL and is working on our behalf.



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