The Detritis of our Lives

Yes, my children claim that I play in the dictionary.  My vocabulary is wide but sometimes I find it completely necessary to actually look up the meaning of a word.

  1. waste or debris of any kind.
    “streets filled with rubble and detritus”
    synonyms: debris, waste, refuse, rubbish, litter, scrap, flotsam and jetsam, rubble
  2. gravel, sand, silt, or other material produced by erosion.
  3. organic matter produced by the decomposition of organisms

20160422_074358In case you have no frame of reference, I live on a dirt road.  Rain erodes the surface causing trenches and ruts but also it brings items to the surface that are buried, sometimes so deeply they are beyond imagining.    Fill dirt has been brought in and spread on the roadway so that it appears smoother.  The ruts are filled in and the mounds are evened out but that fill has in it a multitude of debris.  Unseen until the rain sifts the sand down and the items upward.

Each day I enjoy a walk and look for the “hidden treasures” that may lie upon the roadway.   God does this in our lives.  If we allow Him, He gently sifts through the items and baggage we carry or hoard in our “secret closets” and will remove the DETRITUS at our request.

  • caged catJesus gently tells us in Matthew 7:7 ” Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock and it will be opened to you.”

    Although, we read this verse and sit through sermon upon sermon , we often pick up our hurts and wants and pain and continue on.  More often than not, shoving the pain down deep so that we won’t have to feel it every day (or this we choose to believe), but ignoring treatment does not REMOVE a disease or a problem.


    I began my collection after my granddaughter tripped one day while scurrying down the roadway.  She cut a huge gash in her knee instead of scraping it.  DIRT doesn’t cut.  So sleuth that I am, I investigated and discovered a large chunk of bottle glass just beneath the surface.  At first my mission was to remove all danger and I did so with fervor, highly agitated at being forced into servitude because of the carelessly buried refuse.  However, as I continue finding items that must have been secreted very deep to take so long to surface, I realize that although they are broken bits and pieces, they are a semblance of our lives.  OUR broken bits and pieces generally irritate us or wound others, but GOD takes those broken pieces and fits them back into beautiful full pictures of joy.


    Of course, it still requires our sacrifice of the brokeness and sometimes we cannot admit that we have faults because we have smoothed the ruts and filed off the edges so we continue hobbling along, blaming others, crippling ourselves and our message.  If you can, I challenge you to SACRIFICE your broken pieces to God and allow Him to bring you PEACE, which has been His plan all along.20160417_092311.jpg


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