I am soo sorry that I have been absent for so long.  I did not realize until seeing the note ” its been 2 months since The Detritus… was posted”.

I am sure that others have the same problems that I face when trying to juggle schedules; such as: home, work, children, sports, bible study, and yes, even relaxation.

Addiction and depression take NO HOLIDAYS nor vacations, well unless you count the vacations we plan and are sucked into the never ending cycle, leaving us feeling deflated and dejected instead of empowered.

I recently received some excellent advise from a friend and fellow sufferer of PROBLEMS that gave me answers that encouraged me to take a fresh look at evaluation of solutions.

Time heals ALL wounds –truly it does!!  Unless, we pick at them and reopen them and dance around the”elephant in the room”, then we have created our own living HELL or prison, if you prefer.  We are enveloped in a cloud of doubt and dispair that is inescapable because it is our “bubble” that we have enclosed around us.

God DOES NOT seek this for us, nor does he request that we control others in our circles.  Instead, He gently reminds us that He has it ALL under control and it will work in HIS TIME.

I encourage you to follow the path that I have chosen:  To stay in HIS WILL and allow Him the opportunity to make something beautiful from the ashes that I have caused while trying to circumvent the chaos that I created.

I want to REJOICE in ALL THINGS.    Peace is what I wish for you, me, ..us all.


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