Don’t Kill the Messenger

How often do we reject the teaching of God because we choose NOT to hear?

DSC_4274we cannot seem to listen!!

Unfortunately, we struggle with the frustration of the consequences.

My Garmin says,”recalculating, recalculating, recalculating”  I wonder does God or His angels have the same reverberating commentary going on while I wriggle like a specimen bug under His pin?  I read the Word and pray for understanding but REAL LIFE gets in the way!!

God sent prophets to the kings of old and sent HIS SON to us.  He PAID and all we need to do is BELIEVE that HE PAID.

He asks us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER just like He loved us and to give to each other just as HE DID.  Judas came to betray Him with a kiss as a sign.  Jesus KNEW this was to happen but He didn’t attack or run.  He prayed for God to provide an easier way if possible but none came and He walked into God’s Will fully conscience of the danger ahead because this life is not what matters for eternity.   Infinity

I cannot fathom eternity.  Sometimes, I can’t even grasp tomorrow because I’m so mired in my problem NOW.  More often than not, though, I’m stuck in yesterday or dreaming of tomorrow’s promise of change and not really living fully.


God Grant ME the Joy of Accepting Your Will and the Promise that you are working all things for my good as I BELIEVE in YOU.


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