Infinity Did you ever notice that time means NOTHING to God?  He has infinity, so why worry about this minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, century?  We DON’T understand this concept as we are ruled by what we can achieve and how long it takes to do so.


We MEASURE EVERYTHING!!   Our joy vs our pain, our level of commitment vs what we hope to receive.   Praise God that He does NOT do this to us.  His level of Grace remains the same regardless!  Even when we “fall off the wagon”, He graciously with loving kindness beckons us to return to the FULLNESS of His Love.  Satan continues to deceive us with lies that we can be ‘like God’ or that ‘we are not good enough’, ‘we’ve gone too FAR to turn back’ and many others.  LIES, LIES, LIES!  Jesus offered both thieves on the cross eternal life with Him.  One received and one didn’t.  ALL we must do is CHOOSE.

Satan knows as God knows our burdens will be lifted and our lives will be joined with God.  Satan desires us to be separated forever, not because of us but because he wants to hurt God who is pained by our decisions to remain separate.  He desires us to be in union with Him eternally and to experience the grief and pain relieving joy of HIS FULLNESS.  Those who are seeking Hope, will find it.  Those who are seeking completeness, will find it. Those who need restoration, will find it.

Jesus calls us….COME HOME!  I will give you rest.


Wherever you are, whatever you’ve done….You are always accepted!  Believe and turn to the Only One who can bring you in complete harmony with God your Creator.



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