Desperately Hopeful

Oh Wonderful Readers!!  There are soo many encouraging articles, statements, and affirmations out there to cling to!  I am exhausted at looking at my circumstances or situations.  These are things over which I don’t have control.

 I must face up to my problems and not hide from them.

For many years, I did not look at myself or examine my feelings or what depression was doing to me. I would, in fact, refuse to do so, but I now realize that I must do the exact opposite of this. I have to inspect my negative thoughts and ask myself what I WANT to do and what direction I must take. Just what are motives and where do they come from? Are thoughts trying to control me, dominate me, or coerce me into doing something that will harm me or others? If they are not helping me, then they are not what I want or need and I should reject them but first I must recognize each thought and its dominion. Some thoughts are not there for my own good but are simply put there at my expense to lure me into believing LIES. Equally, I believe (and songs have been written) that we know WHAT we should do but feel weak and unable to overcome the negative thoughts.

PRAISE ADONAI our Lord of Lords, who gives us strength as we ask and believe.  Even belief if we feel weak in our faith.

I am NOT my faults,my virtues, nor my past choices; I can choose my path today!

The Jehovah Shalom does not condemn me.  I now know the truth: the negative thoughts that have dominated my behavior are not who I really am, so I can face these thoughts and call them out as the lies that they are. I can see that they try to control me and to harm me, but I don’t have to let them.

So just as I am not my faults, virtues, or past choices. I am not my depression. What is bringing me down is something from outside that is trying to affect the thoughts and feelings that I have.  God knows that thoughts lead to feelings and feelings to actions, so He calls us to heal our thoughts first.

Depression does not come from within me, so it CANNOT define me.  Understanding this puts depression on the outside and FREES me to think of myself as someone whom Jehovah Raah loves and treasures. 

Depression is temporary; love is permanent.

Depression is a parasite. It feeds from me, leaving me debilitated,  literally unable to move or to respond to others. Love is the opposite of depression: it is selfless. Love feeds me, is always there, and all I must do is reach out for it.  Depression can only survive if I allow it do so.  TRUTH- there is so much beyond depression, my thoughts guide my actions.  I do NOT want to be RULED by my emotions but I want to enjoy LIFE BY RULING my emotions in a positive way.

Love is our is what we were created for.  Not physical love but inner, deeper love.  Truly self sacrificing love.

Some Thoughts contributed by Peter King, PhD

more to come….


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