Some Days I Struggle but

My New Thankfulness Journal:

I began a Thankfulness Journal in 2015 to help me remember all that I have been given because the pain of my situation was overwhelming me.  I couldn’t see past the black clouds to find the sunlight.  As I sank into the mire of my despair, I began to feel like the life was seeping out of me and I truly DIDN’T want that.  So, I sought help from others but without a similar experience, they were like Job’s friends, well meaning  with lots of advise that just didn’t seem to fit.

I came across this idea that seemed to reappear time and again, so journal  I did.  Each day I wrote 3 things that I could give thanks for including a safe place to live, a vehicle to drive, whatever I could mentally contrive to find gratitude.  Some days, it was merely sunshine or to breathe but, a year later, I have learned to count my blessings and hold them close but let the sorrow and heartache melt away.  I still need to keep writing them down because, I often look  “at the storm” and forget to see the promise of the rainbow.  But, I am not discouraged, after all isn’t that why we create holidays .. to remember.

I want to be a blessing to others so I will write down my blessings and be thankful each day to the Father who has granted them to me.  I will receive the joyous blessing that He gives and share it with all I contact so their lives may be enriched.