The Road


How frustrating it is so get only “half” a view or maybe even a little bitty circle. IMG_0773.JPG      We want MORE information than we can reach.  TRUST  is the factor.  We trust our car (mostly) to cart us down the road but even though we have experienced, first hand, that God has gotten safely this far we still doubt Him for the UNKNOWN FUTURE.  The circle repeats every day but we still can’t grasp the belief.00000161

  • We struggle and become anxious then sometimes blow the whole thing out of proportion or worse try to “fix” it instead of resting in God’s plan and timing.  Impatience, distrust, fear can rob us of the wonderful peace that God plans for our day and our week and our month and our life.   Today try to step out in faith.  file011     Smile morefile003    DSCN0721 Don’t take yourself so seriously.    ENJOY THE DAY!!  HAVE FUN!!

I will!!   I am going to the beach to treasure family fun and God’s blessings.


4 thoughts on “The Road

  1. Thank you! I do need to smile more, especially in my homeschool day. Thanks for this insight. This is the second time in the last 10 minutes that God has put “more smiling” or “more laughing” on my heart. I know I can always use a little more…Guess He is trying to tell me something…Blessings.


    1. Thank you for the response, I am “fingers on the keyboard” for the Glory of God. I am strongest in my weakness and feel such joy to know that God is reaching those He chooses when I submit to His will. Blessings on all your days.

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  2. I love it! Fingers on the keyboard for the Glory of God. I can totally relate to that. God is faithful and I am working the mission field He has placed before me. May God bless your mission. Blessings.


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